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Scuola D'Arte


The Scuola dArte (School of Arts) is a new school located in Twin Falls, Idaho, and is dedicated to artistry in plaster.


The School trains individuals to apply Infinito. Training is absolutely integral because in order to achieve any of the finished results, it is necessary to properly apply. The product and the application are co-dependant upon each other.


While it is possible to apply the product without training, a person ends up cheating himself or herself because they generally end up doing more work than is really necessary to apply the product. Similarly, Infinito by itself is nothing more than material in a bucket. It needs a skilled and artistic applicator to bring it to life. Lastly, proper training creates the highest degree of quality possible that then is refined with practice. Because of our passion with quality, we only sell our products to those individuals who are certified as applicators through the school.


The Scuola dArte has put together a certification class for any individuals interested in learning to work with this great new product. Here are some of the details:



The classes take place at our Twin Falls training facility, located in south-central Idaho. The classes generally run Tuesdays Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We can also provide information about accommodations in the area, please contact us at (208) 737-9329 and well help.



To attend the certification class, the cost is $1,500.00 (USD). At first glance it may seem expensive  but it is in line with the cost of decorative plaster classes (i.e. Venetian plaster/Marmorino) and its also significantly less than many faux classes taught around the country. For 2 or more employees from the same business, please contact us about special pricing. The price includes: 2 buckets of Infinito Decorative Interior Fresco, basecoat, bonder, 1 set of tools (1 small trowel, 1 large trowel), small samples of Infinito, colorants for the finish (FI-101), and lunch.


Even with the seemingly expensive price tag, it is possible not only earn this money back but also make a profit. If a student takes the skills and material he or she has obtained from this class and does a job, he or she has enough material to cover 400 square feet. At just $4.00 per square foot, the total profit of the job is $1,600.00, which is even more than what was paid for the class, though you will find that most plasterers charge around $6.00 per square foot.



There are two types of certification classes currently available.


Infinito Certification Class

This class covers how to use the Infinito system by applying  more than one color of plaster simultaneously. By completing this course, students will have learned all the steps necessary to transform blank drywall into a beautiful plaster finish.


Advanced Plastering Techniques

This class takes Infinito to its highest potential. In it, students will learn stenciling, ornamental plastering, color gradation on walls, and much more. This class is only available to those who have successfully completed the Infinito Certification Class.



There are 2 options available to individuals.


Option 1: Exclusive Training

This is training for your company alone. This option is designed to accommodate those companies that dont want to worry about seeing their competitors in class. It allows companies to talk to us about their specific needs without worrying that it will hurt them in the job market. This option allows us to customize our class to the needs of a single company.


Option 2: Special Date

This option allows a student to select a different date for classes than is on the calendar. In order for a student to use this option it is necessary to carefully collaborate with us about the alternate date so that we can select an instructor and get the class ready.

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