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Infinito Plaster


Infinito® Decorative Interior Fresco is no ordinary plaster finish. Designed for todays modern masters in the field of plaster, this finish offers a variety of benefits when compared to any other plaster. Its versatilityfrom its work time, to its unparalleled ability to use any color it is mixed withsets it apart from the current commercial interior plaster.


Its workability time of 4 hours allows the plasterer to take advantage of its fresco title, instead of just applying it as if it were a standard plaster. This gives a plasterer ample to time to perfect his work, creating breathtaking, one-of-a-kind projects.


Another beauty of Infinito®  it is ability to work with light and dark colors as well. Any plaster can showcase pastel colors, but normally plaster distorts dark colors. Infinito has overcome that inability and is mixable with any color, from beige to black.


The Infinito application process consists of four components: Infinito Decorative Interior Veneer Basecoat, Infinito Decorative Interior Bonder, Fiori d'Italia Colorant and Infinito Decorative Interior Fresco.

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