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Fiori d'Italia Colorants are a custom made set of colorants  designed by the pros. With a number of dark, light, subtle and bold colors to choose from, clients will always have a number of unique options to choose from.


Our colorants are designed for use with Infinito® Decorative Interior Fresco. Gone are the days of sitting and measuring your own colors.  Now we offer pre-measured colors, already divided into the separate parts (no less than two, but up to four).  We pride ourselves in offering the most unique colors with the most style and flair to offer our clients the trendiest option on the market.

Don't find a color you're looking for? That's just fine, because Cavalli Corp. offers custom colors.  We'll match any color you give us, no matter what. We will do everything in our power to make sure our clients to feel as though their home is as unique and one-of-a-kind as they are.


To order our Color Chart, please use our contact page to request a copy. Please note the color chart is intended to begin the color selection process, as all colors can be toned and customized to each clients preference.

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