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ArmourStone Security Barriers

Securing and Beautifying Communities


At Cavalli Corp, we believe “Safety is our Patriotic Duty” and have created ArmourStone Security Barriers to provide protection to communities while enhancing the communities aesthetics and keeping spaces open and friendly feeling. Cavalli Corporation’s ArmourStone offers an innovative, hand-crafted stone for visually enhancing existing security barriers. We also offer our own patented, customizable security barrier specifically designed to match its surroundings and bring attractiveness to your physical perimeter protection. Our products add a comfortable, confident, and warm look to today’s community while protecting from security threats. ArmourStone creates custom color and designed security barriers for each facility, to include historical, traditional, or modern design and architecture. We can create panels, planters and other security barriers custom to each site.

ArmourStone Security Barriers provide protection from vehicular attacks and active shooters as well as providing an option to block streets permanently or temporarily, while also adding to the aesthetics of the community. Cavalli Corp holds two patents for the security barrier design, make, and material.


Cavalli Corp has conducted two simulated vehicle crash tests through Idaho National Laboratory (INL) using a 15,000 pound truck moving at 50 miles per hour.


Additionally, the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office tested the ArmourStone Physical Barrier against multiple caliber rounds demonstrating its effectiveness in an active shooter situation.

Security barriers are increasingly needed in light of the unpredictability of events around the world. Over the past 4 years, terrorists using vehicles as their weapon have attacked locations in France, Germany, England, Sweden, and Spain as well as in the U.S. in Ohio State University and New York City. As a result, security barriers have become a prevalent feature of many important sites, buildings, pedestrian paths, events, and communities to protect potential targets.

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