ArmourStone is an innovative, handmade stone slab product. Each slab is available in standard sizes and colors but can be customized for your specific project.


ArmourStone is strong yet lightweight compared to natural stone slabs. Our patent-pending process created slabs that can be attached to interior or exterior walls with adhesive and finishing nails.


Whether you are looking for a classic French limestone slab or a dark modern slab that resembles forged steel, ArmourStone is the answer.

Ordering Information


Please feel free to contact us today for your quote. A deposit of 50% is due at the time of your order and the remaining balance is due prior to shipping. Approximately 6-8 week lead time.




Standard Sizes


Standard sizes for ArmourStone include the following: our Large Size, 24" x 48" x .5", our Medium Size, 18" x 36" x .5", or our Small Size, 12' x 30' x .5'. Custom sizes available upon request.


For general questions or free literature, please send an email with your contact information to


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